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Clumsy, Clumsy Me

Hmmm..does being preggy makes one more clumsy? I swear I wasn't such a klutz before..either that or I have sado-machoistic tendencies hmmm...

Accidents [all happened in the past 1 mth]
1) Misjudged the distance of my bedroom door from my foot while slamming shut the door. Ended up with a bloody toe *eeouch*

2) Again, misjudged the distance of the bedroom door to my *sigh* tummy. I was wearing this mid-drift tanktop so the edge of the door managed to cause this straight-line scratch across my tummy..Now, I have this weird looking horizontal red line across my tummy and the linea nigra cut vertically down my tummy ..*bleah* ...

3) Slammed the bathroom door onto my 2 fingers..luckily I didn't slammed it hard!!

4) Kicked my legs against the dining chairs several times while walking to the kitchen [this never happened b4 I was preggy!!]

5) Managed to have the supermarket trolley roll over my toes [yeah..including my bloodied toe] even though I was the one navigating the trolley..

6) Banged by head on the headrest of my bed at least 3 times so far..[again, this didn't happened b4 I was preggy]

7) Misjudged the distance of spoon to my mouth while having dinner and ended up dripping food on my clothes, especially on the most pointed part of my tummy... It's really embarrassing to have food stains on my clothings whenever I eat out..

Hope that my clumsiness wouldn't continue even after I've given birth :P~ Won't be good to be such a klutz with baby Aidan!

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Dec. 9th, 2002 03:22 am (UTC)
Re: heh
Waliao!!! *kok* cuss me! heheh..anyway, I will most likely be having a natural birth instead of a C-Section so the cross on my tummy ain't gonna come in useful hehehe
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