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Bah! Haven't slept since yesterday! My sleeping routine's out of whack again! Probably will wait for hubby to wake up, make breakfast for him and dive into bed then...

Hubby suggested going to Ikea yesterday [Monday] evening instead of during the weekends coz he thought it would be less crowded. Boy, was he wrong!! The q to the carpack was horrendously long and basically, everyone had the same idea as him. Must be the festive season! Everyone seemed to be planning to do up their home. We were there to look for a sofa bed but it was in vain. hard to find something that we like and is reasonably priced. This sofa bed is meant to be placed in the nursery ..The confinement lady would be sleeping on it for the first month. The best of the lot was this sofa chair which cost abt $600 but it could fit one person only. We were thinking more of the likes of a sofa bed for 2, for guests in future. Bah!!

During dinner at Ikea, hubby started telling me what his lady boss had revealed to him during lunch that afternoon. It was a tale abt that lady boss & her hubby. During the lady boss' first pregnancy, her hubby had stayed with her in the hospital throughout the entire labour..which lasted abt 6-7 hrs. During her second pregnancy, she apparently had to have the baby induced as the baby didn't seem to be forthcoming after waiting for abt 8 hrs++ at the delivery ward. The water bag was then burst and they both waited for the contractions to become stronger and nearer..After waiting for abt an hr, her hubby could not take it any longer and told her that he needed to step out of the hospital for some fresh air ..[they were at Mt Elizabeth Hospital]. She wasn't really pleased but she said ok, seeing that he was so restless. Apparently, he went to CK Tangs, walked about & came back abt 2 1/2 hours later. She still hadn't gone into labour then and after abt 1 hr has passed, her hubby became restless again and told her that he wanted to go home to take a shower. Again, she wasn't very happy but bopienz, she agreed to let him go as she rather not else see his bored & DL face... Abt 1/2 hr after he'd left, she started going into labour and the nurses were then trying to get hold of her hubby. He was basically uncontactable for the next 1 hr and by the time he heard abt the labour and returned back to the hospital [which was abt 2 hrs later], she'd already given birth. Up to this day [which is abt 10 years after the incident], hubby's lady boss has still not forgiven her husband for failing to be there for her & she'll apparently rehash this incident whenever they quarrel [guess who wins the fight?!]. I understand that during her 3rd pregnancy, he was very gwai and stayed in the hospital throughout...:]

Moral of the story? Well, according to hubby [& of coz based on all the tales tt he has heard], wives are usually very sensitive especially during labour and that it's better for the husband's sanity [& future] to be there at all times..hehehe.

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