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This morning, Aidan grabbed the spoon while I was feeding him his breakfast (mashed potatoes with egg yolk) and tried to feed himself coz I was probably too slow :P..Hence the grub on his face..

Heh..2nd morning in a row that Aidan woke up without his pj trousers..It somehow managed to come undone while he was sleeping..probably when he was rolling around the bed.. I guess the kimono/pj was too big for him :P..

Nowadays, the li' one has been waking up earlier and earlier. He used to wake up abt 10 am but nowadays, his waking hours is between 7 to 8.30 am.. But then again, he has been sleeping much earlier in the night too. Previously, he will only start yawning abt 10+ and fall asleep by abt 11pm but since abt 2-3 weeks back, he will rub his eyes and get really sleepy by starting from abt 7.45 and usually by latest 9pm, he'll be in lala land, dreaming of milk fairies and porridge monsters.

The problem bedtime has remained unchanged!! I still sleep at 2+ am everyday and thus, it's been really torturous to wake up to change and feed him every morning...Yeah, it's not his fault, it's mine! I should start inculcating the habit of sleeping early. In fact, I should try to sleep everytime he naps too, especially since he naps for abt 1 1/2 hr to 3 hrs stretches twice a day. I know I'm fortunate the wee one still sleeps so much coz when he gets older, he'll probably refuse to nap that much anymore. Am crossing my fingers that this won't happen for a while...

And nowadays, if he wakes up from his nap and I'm not around, he will make his way down the bed and start crawling out of the room searching for me. Usually, I'll hear him before I see him coz he crawls in a very deliberate manner and his paws go flip flop when he makes his way around the house. Really cute lah!

Let's see whether I'll deign to sleep early tonight :) hmm...I guess not :P...

Acting cool~

O' Xmas Tree~~~
This weekend, I shall we shall be putting up the X'mas tree (hubby, hope u read this hehe). This has always been one of my fav activity although usually, hubby puts up the tree and I'm in charge of the decoration. We never had a X'mas tree in the house when I was young so I remember telling myself when I was like abt 12 yr old that once i get married and have my own place, I must have one, and so I/we did :)

I've been using the same ol' stuff on the tree for the past 3 years so this year, I plan to have a different theme on my tree..gonna make it more 'child-like', with li' toys and candies as decorations.. especially since it's the first X'mas Aidan will be celebrating at home [last year, the whole family spent X'mas in the hospital :P~]. Hmm..okay, that means I probably can't put up the tree this week eh, coz I haven't bought any new decorative items yet..bah! Okay, next week it shall be :)

I remember my uni days in Canada when we used to go searching for the 'best-looking' pine tree to bring back to the house..We always procrastinate and usually end up with a miserable, skinny looking tree. And most of the time, the poor tree doesn't survive the trip and by the time it's in the living room, it looks really pathetic. But oh well, at least it was a real tree. But fake trees will do just as well in Singapore.

Anyway, since Aidan's birthday and X'mas is just 2 days apart, I think I shall make his party a birthday/x'mas one..Eh, but would that mean that Aidan would end up getting one present only? Hmm..Ah nevermd. As long as his parents give him 2 :D..I should start planning early....~~
Misc Pics
Aidan checking out the new mirror :)

Taken today at Raffles City with ashleyneo and bbhome & their kids :)

hee..see cute li' tiff lying on Ryan

Ryan caught in the act..hrmphh..

Moms & Babes..:)
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