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smelly piggy ~~

his [former-smelly] piggy being hung up to dry~~

One fine day [ok, it was just few days ago], hubby shoved Aidan's piggy into my hands and said "Smell it!"..I was like..err what? He insisted that I should smell the toy, especially li' piggy's derriere. "Doesn't it smell of mushrooms?!!" he said..


Well, I did sniff it and it didn't exactly smell like mushrooms but it definitely wasn't a very pleasant odour. I guess Aidan's constant snuggling/kissing/wrestling with piggy has led to loads of saliva/mucus transferrance..So poor piggy was finally put to the wash ..and boy did the li' one miss his comfort toy. He woke up abt 2 - 3 times during his sleep that night and it was only after I found a small bolster and shoved it under his arms and legs that he finally slept well..I guess no fish prawn also good!

kinda obvious I don't have much to update today hehe

Kinda easy to guess who bought this onesie for Aidan eh..

Hmm..few people had mentioned that Aidan's has gotten more bakbak..and I have to concur. His face is so chubby , very like a chipmunk storing nuts in his cheeks. He has this rounded li' tummy that's really soft like a pillow but it hardens like a rock when's he's really full after a meal..and u should see the size of his thighs. I think he takes after me in that aspect too. :D..

So while piggy is away..

It's monkey's turn to play..


Oh yeah, I haven't met my ex-boss to discuss about the possibility of me going back to work for him yet...He had a last minute luncheon meeting with his bigger boss and the meeting was changed to this Friday..But his secretary called earlier today to say that he had to leave for Batam and so the meeting has been changed on Monday instead..

I'm not that perturbed over the constant change in meeting times. That's the problem with meeting with a president/coo of a coy i guess....and the later we meet, the later i can request to start work hehe. But I do think I am looking forward to getting back to work again..:)
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