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tons of vids~

What's this eh?

Aidan's new remote control toy!!!
(yeah, I must admit, I bought it for me instead of him hehe)


Tons of Videos
a) Aidan's new toy :the li' bugger chasing after li thingy : 5mb
b) At Gwynne's place on Thursday : singing the elephant song to a hungry Aidan,a bouncy Gabe and a cheerful Ryan : 1.23mb
c) Still@Gywnne's place : Aidan & Gabe bonding and the master of the house Evan making an appearance : 854kb
d) At June's place last week (videos taken by bbhome : A cute & energetic Ryan teaching Aidan how to dance :428kb
e) Still@June's place : the latest dancing sensation : 280kb
- this was captured at the tailend of their performance unfortunately and the room was kinda dark so it isnt v clear...

Was at Forum this afternoon to have lunch with some pals and then met up with Trish flipover to do some catching up..and we happen to meet Jasminecwatababe at one of the shops. She spotted us first and and greeted us by introducing herself. I saw her 2 pretty daughters and knew immediately who she was [it was my first time seeing her in person]...

These type of unplanned LJ people meetups are kinda fun :)

2 blur looking babies~
That's Reine, who's about a week younger than Aidan..

And this is Reiko flashing her white pearlies at me~

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Nov. 22nd, 2003 05:40 am (UTC)
heh..well, most of the toys are bought by his in-laws..I actually felt guilty for a while for not buyin him any. It was only recently that i started buyin more coz he seems to be more appreciative of toys now!

U know that feelin lah..so nice to see them kids laughing with joy while playing with the toys..:)
Nov. 22nd, 2003 03:50 pm (UTC)
That's true.when Aidan no longer interested in his toys, you could set up an LJ mummies Garage sales. With all the postings showing how happy Aidan was with the toys, I am sure there will be mummies marking their files...;O

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