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Innie mini Outie Moi

Yeah,yeah..the curse of the insomniac..*weep*... innie navel is still an innie. Mom-in-law claims that if one is having a boy, an innie bellybutton will become an outie. I told MIL that it was pure rubbish coz my fren,Corrina's [who had a baby girl] innie became an outie. Still MIL insisted that her saying is true and claimed that if my innie remained as an innie, I am likely to be having a girl. Don't know how to convince her otherwise. I've shown her dozens of ultrasound pictures with Aidan & his 'little teapot' clearly in place and Dr Tan had even taken some close-ups of the little bugger so it definitely has to be a boy!!!

Actually, I think MIL is secretly hoping that my innie will remain an innie so that she can still pine for a little baby girl. She has been longing for a granddaughter as hubby's side of the family tends to sire males. She is already encouraging us to try again soon so that we can grant her wish soon [arghh..and I haven't given birth yet!!]..

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