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:D~~~ that I've gotten ur attention...
LeiLong LeiLong!!!

Will be selling some of my stuff at the flea market at Clarke Quay tomorrow together with alisonrae. We are at table 16..So any of u guys ard that area, feel free to come over! We will be there from 9 am till we are sold out/tired out or rained out~! [note : Aidan's not for sale and he's not gonna be there either~~]

I will be 'discarding' some of my shoes from my 'Imelda collection'..Last count..I think I had abt 60+pairs so am tryin to sell some away to make space for more :P~ I'm size 5 half/6 and most of the above shoes are hardly most 3/4 times..Hmm, will be look through the shoe closet again to see if I should take out more to sell hehe..

Got tons of clothes for sale too. The stuff are in XS and S...and at that time, most of the clothes I bought were from Mphosis and GG5..thus there are lotsa tight fitting tops [short sleeves, long sleeves & spaghetti strapped)..Skirts are mainly with interesting fabrics and patterns (and hardly worn since I don't really like wearing skirts much ..and I still buy them sheesh) ...I have some working pants and funky ones. Found some dresses that I hardly wear to sell too. Hmm...I haven't priced any of the items yet. Have no idea how much to sell them. Any ideas? Will probably let them go for fairly cheap..

Since I'm so boliao, I'd actually made a video of some of the stuff I'm sellin tomorrow. There were too many to 'display'.. You can view the video here!

Some of the shoes...

Two of the dresses...
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