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Regular postweekend update : vv long~

no longer a flea market virgin~~ :)

With Trish and camera shy Ethan

Oh man..the week sure swooshed by swiftly..Been a hectic week with a birthday party on Saturday and ze flea market on Sunday..

The flea market thingy was fun but hectic..It was both my and Jean alisonrae's virgin flea market but Jean was definitely more well prepared than me with printed out 'price tags' and inventory list..It started slow but the crowd picked up after lunch. Realised that 'touting' doesn't really help. Those who were interested in buying will just head straight for the item/s that caught their eye and start looking at how it looks on them and after that, will rumage thru the rest of the stuff. The ones who weren't interested will simply cast a disdain look at our stuff and just walk on.

There were a few 'interesting' browser/buyers though. One was this lady who saw this Gap top and quickly arrowed in on it.."Any more branded clothes?!" she barked.I was like err..well, not that many American brands but I do have some local stuff (like Mphosis, G2000 etc).."I only buy branded stuff!" she sniffed..and added "So..this top, sell me for $1 ah!"..Man..I didn't like her attitude and didn't want to sell her the top and she said that the top was stained and all and left in a huff..some people ah~! (by the way, I was only asking for $5 and was willing to let go at $4)

And then there was this other guy....he was sauntering by with his 2 other guy friends and he saw this black Project Bros dress that was hanging on the rack and began feeling the material and muttering his approval and declared.."Oooh, my friend would love's so her type and her size!"..I told him that the cleavage of the dress was pretty low and he said "No worries..the lower the better. She's a slut!!" He was so hilarious! Anyway, he asked for the price and said he'll take it..just like that without any bargaining..After more of my koyok-selling,he then bought one more other dress (the blue evening dress in my previous entry) for her and a see-through black blouse for another friend. And no asking of cutting of prices even though he bought a few pieces..

And he was looking at my shoes and oohing at them tho he lamented that they were too small for his friends and asked me why I was selling them. I told him coz I had about 60 pairs at home and that i had to discard some to make way for more shoes. He was like "Sixty???!! Dear, where got enough shoes!! All my friends have like over 100 pairs of shoes!!!" Jean and Yun Hueie_rambler(who came and support me) overheard that and laughed. Hee..he was such a great & fun customer..I wouldn't mind having such generous friends like him. :) </i>)

I made about $200+ yesterday which I thought wasn't bad. Most of all the really nice skirts and tops were snapped up first. Buyers nowadays are so discerning..even at flea markets. The shoes hardly moved though *sob*.I brought abt 11 pairs there and only 2 were sold. Most said that they were just too tiny! Trish, flipover, Yun-Hueie_rambler, Lay Seevamprila and Lena mathtoyz came to support us. Lena even brought a X'mas stocking with Aidan's name stitched on it for the wee one..Thanks u guys! *muakz*

Jean and I enjoyed ourselves (surprisingly) and we decided that we must do it again soon (much to the chagrin of our hubbies), probably after X'mas. Trish said she'll join us the next time round. This time, we decided that we should not just bring our clothes but all other barang barang like our CDs, books etc etc. Oh yeah, we must also remember to get some free labour to just 'crowd' round our stall coz we realise that people tend to gravitate to stalls that 'look crowded'.

Jean has an interesting name for second-hand goods ..She calls them pre-loved items/stuff. Nice sounding eh :)

My li' can-opener

Meanwhile, the li' wee one was at my nephew's place (my brother-in-law's kid) celebrating his 2 year old birthday..My parents-in-law had came to our place early to clean him up and took him there first. Hubby who helped me move all my stuff to Clark Quay and set up shop joined them later..

According to them, he had a great time, playing with my nephew's toys and crawling about. By the time the cake was to be cut, he was so tired out that he konked out without eating the cake although they did keep some for him in the end.

I was told that my sis-in-law's parents were gushing about how gwai the little fella was..He was unlike the other babies/toddlers there who constantly wanted to be carried and stuck like glue to the parents. Aidan would be happy on his own as long as he has something to occupy himself. And they marvelled at his eating speed coz when he had finished his 3rd small bowl of porridge, they were still struggling to feed their grandchildren their first bowl..

I think Aidan tends to be more gwai when I'm not around..With me, he knows he can bully but infront of strangers, he does tend to be a li' less 'rowdy'..though he has begun to 'bully' his grandparents already.

If u guys ever need help with tincans or fruit juice box, I can rent him out by the minutes :D~~


Ashley & Tiffany, Moi & Aidan, Gwynne & Evan :)

The 2 moms to my left and right, whose babies are abt the same age as Aidan makes me so determined to lose weight..or at least achieve my pre-pregnancy weight...

Ashleyashleyneo, June bbhome and Gwynne koalababy have lost all their pregnancy weight abt 3 months after their babies were borne.. I always feel like a whale when we go out together coz they are so darn slim! I know it's not good to compare, especially when all of them are total breastfeeding moms (yeah, you lose weight more n faster) and are fantastic slingers (me..I sling or carry Aidan in the babybjorn of 1 day and I ache for the next two)..

Anyway, am still on the South Beach Diet wagon I think..I did 'cheat' a little when I ate a li' of baby Evan's birthday cake (Aidan ate almost all of it)..buay tahan lah. Everyone was saying it tasted great and I had to try it so that I know whether to get it from the same shop for Aidan's bday ehhehe..*excuses*.

Some pics taken on the birthday party on Saturday.I didn't have a lot of pics becuz I misplaced my cam for a while *sigh* and only found it after the cake has been cut *sob*..

Birthday boy Evan with mommy Gywnne holding on :)/Babies in the wading pool..

Aidan being surprised by water..He likes it tho :)

more pics here :)
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