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ol' x'mas tee~~


doesn't the living room looks nice & cosy with the tree :)

And this is what I plan to order (yeah, definitely not equipped enuff to cook) for my X'mas Eve dinner at my place with my good pals...yummy~~~ Yeah, screw the diet during x'mas~~

Canapes to start off with, Turkey in Bulgogi Sauce, Grilled Chicken with BBQ Sauce (Tex-Mex), Turkey Stew Marsala, Vegetable Ratatouille, Pan-Fried Salmon with Lemon Wedge, Fettucine Pasta with Olive Oil & Mushroom, Carbonara Cream Sauce & definitely not forgetting the traditional X'mas log cake :)

And this is one of my fav kids carol..which I'm gonna sing to Aidan this x'mas :)

Christmas Alphabet
C is for the candy trimmed around the christmas tree,
H is for the happiness with all the family,
R is for the reindeer prancing by the window pane,
I is for the icing on the cake as sweet as sugar cane,
S is for the stocking hanging on the chimney wall,
T is for the toys beneath the tree so tall,
M is for the misletoe where everyone is kissed,
A is for the angels who make up the christmas list,
S is for the santa who makes every kid his pet,
Be good and he’ll bring you everything in your christmas alphabet!
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