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The wee one has been pretty jovial lately..He grins & smiles a lot and makes a heck of a noise by babbling loudly in the language only he understands..Nowadays, he has the cheekiest of smiles and knows the most opportune time to bestow it on us..which is when he is planning to do something 'wrong' or when he has already been 'naughty'. Previously, he will look downcast and at least have the grace to look a li' contrite but nowadays, he can even smile gleefully at me..~~

Here's a video of the noisy one while he's snacking. When I played back the video to him, Aidan could even repeat the sounds that he made, right down to the no. of bahs and yas..Mebbe it's true that babies do have their own language which only they could comprehend.

Murphy always strikes when June bbhome comes to my place..The intention was always to bring li' Ryan over to swim since the li' one loves the water..but each time, the sky will darken, mr. rain will threaten to visit (and it usually does) or something will crop up ..So last Friday, when the moms came to my place, and just we were getting ready to bring both Aidan & Ryan for a swim, not surprisingly, the dark clouds began to loom ominously. We thought, what the heck, just go to the pool since we were all ready. We then brought the kids to the baby pool but the water was too cold and also kinda steep for li' Ryan to walk in we decided to try the jacuzzi instead but and that was still kinda deep. Aidan was enjoying himself splashing the water about but Ryan was definitely cold as he was shivering. And then we felt tiny drops of water on us *arghh*..So poor June had to get Ryan [who wasn't too happy with us for 'playing with his feelings'] outta the pool.

We rushed upstairs and decided to plonk both babies into the bath tub, which I'd filled up with nice warm water. Finally, the babies got their 'swim' and they were definitely much happier (and warmer) and Ryan got to be in the water at last :) They both had a jolly good time!
Babes in the Tub :)

========================= menses finally came.. @11 months after giving birth to Aidan. I'd thought I should be having it sooner since I was only partially breastfeeding Aidan. Well, this means that if it does again come next month, I should be able to go schedule my lasik appointment with the eye doctor then. *yipeee*~~ wondering whether I should stick to the diet so strictly still in view of this..Have to admit, I do feel more weak and tire ever so easily now. I'm sure it's due to the lack of carbs but I am also seeing the drop in pounds which is quite gratifying..
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