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Bye, Bye Wundertwinz *sob*

Missed the 8pm telecast of The Amazing Race so I watched the 12am tx on AXN instead. Darn!!!Must the spoilers that I've read be so damn accurate???!!

This season's TAR must be the worst kept secret ever. I mean the spoilers so far has been dead on..especially the ones about Singapore. I do have to agree that TAR will probably never come to S'pore again coz S'poreans just won't be able to keep quiet. I'd read in the forums that the Singapore leg of the race would feature CCK, Mt Faber,Botanic Gardens & the Zoo [all told by someone's friend/uncle/grandma who happened to see the racers] sometime in Sept/Oct. Also, the info that a Miss Singapore would be the greeter for the S'pore leg of the race was a known 'secret' too. Many S'poreans also claimed to have sighted Derek & Drew here..[yeah, we S'poreans tend to remember the cute ones eh]. The funny thing is..the only thing that was kept secret for the longest time was that PCK was involved in the TAR-Singapore leg. It was only known to us viewers when Ch5 sent out tt press release/showed it in the trailers. Also, the spoiler about who the last 3 persons were in the race proved to be true in today's episode. Someone apparently saw the last 3 teams on a flight to Vancouver via Seattle and posted it in the forums abt 2 mths back. Now..what's left is to see whether the remaining spoiler is true..that the winner of the race is a male/female team..which would be either TerIan or FloZach..! *eeks*

I think a few viewers had a change of heart for Ian this week..I guess today's ep showed a different side of Ian..Basically, u could see he respected the country and the people in it..and in return, they ran a very good race. But still, he WAS an ugly American in the other legs so....And Flo..*sheesh*..I don't know man..If Drew is really involved with her, I hope he is now watching the show and has finally seen her true color and realise what a bitch she is. My gawd!! This woman cannot take stress!! Everyone's sympathy for Zach seems to grow after each episode. Well, at least Kenny & Gerard r still in the race. I don't blame them for not telling the twins where the clue box is ..this is a race for a million dollars and a possible elimination so it really can't be helped. I'm just wondering how the twins can be so dense as to think that the roadblock is so far away..They should have just backtracked when they realised that they were wandering too far away from the first big yellow flag they spotted. Well, no more eye-candy for the next finale episode..hm..then again, viewers can spot them at the last 5 mins clapping and cheering the winner and runner-ups of the race.

Now..if that spoiler is true, I'd rather TeriIan wins than FloZach coz I really really really [I mean it!!] don't want Flo to have half a million US dollars!!!! Ooh, finale is next Thursday on the 18th Dec ..better hope little Aidan doesn't choose to make his appearance then. *cross fingers*

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(no subject) - evonnetay - Dec. 13th, 2002 12:32 am (UTC) - Expand
Dec. 13th, 2002 12:57 am (UTC)
Err..who says preggy woman must watch soaps ah? Nah.too draggy n long-winded for me. TAR is ze best.!! U hardly watch much tv right?

U know what's worse..I've actually been watching those horror/scary movies too..watched The Exorcist on Tuesday [boy was it disturbing] and End of Days [more disturbing to see Arnold Schwt trying to act] on Thursday. YC refused to watch them with me! hehe..hope baby comes out ok!
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