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who's afraid of the big red man?

A typical family pic..(the two unsmiling fellas and only me grinning away)
..and yeah, Aidan was still in a daze at this point.

the pic 'santarina' took of us was so blur..fortunately, the polariod came out clearer..</small>

Brought Aidan down to town to meet 'Santa' this evening @the Marriot Hotel. It was supposed to be this charity drive where proceeds from the photo-taking sessions will go to the Children Cancer Foundation..

Aidan was totally freaked out by 'Santa'!! When we sat down next to him to have the picture taken, he stared unblinkingly at him and was about to burst into tears when I swiftly plonked him on hubby's lap instead so he won't be that close to the big red man. And even then, he continued to stare at him uneasily. That was why Santa's helper had to take the pic of us from the side instead of the typical 'frontal' shot..coz Aidan's eyes were fixated on Santa and we couldn't get him to move his head frontwards at I should think twice about having a Santa over on his birthday party. Won't be a very happy birthday if the li' one starts cowering in a corner becuz of his fear for dear Santa. Hmm..

We then had our own picture taking sessions to the huge X'mas tree in the hotel lobby :) We'd initially wanted to go around town to take more pics but the weather didn't look good so we ditched the plan and had dinner at a Thai Restaurant at Coronation Road.No regrets coz the food was fab *slurp*~~

Aidan with mummy..and with daddy..

Bibi & li' Renee, Aidan & Daddy..


Yesterday evening, as I sat across Aidan when Bibiana was feeding him his banana dessert, I suddenly dawned upon me how much Aidan's looks has changed..He no longer looks baby-ish anymore..but more like a li' adult ,especially now that his hair has grown out nicely although his baby fats is still there. When I was in the cab with him yesterday, the cabby commented that his hairdo is so cute coz it reminds his own do....and the cabby has a receding hairline *coff* ~

And today, while buying durians, this couple with a baby about the same age as Aidan started chatting with enquiring Aidan's age first. They were 'marvelling' at how much hair he had as they looked woefully at their baby's bald head. Felt good actually to have people commenting that Aidan had lotsa hair coz for the longest time, they were saying that he was botak..yeah, i'm so easy to please eh :)

Am wondering whether I should bring him to Fantastic Sam for his first free haircut so that he'll look neater on his birthday :)



Don't know why but I don't seem to have the inclination to update LJ that regularly..I guess part of the reason is that I feel so tired easily now. Imagine, if i start working, I'm probably 'neglect' writing on LJ more..

I know the 2 weeks of no carbs had helped shorts/pants feel looser and I can fit better into some of my clothes though I reckon I'm still a size L. It's the tummy and flabby thighs I need to work on and I suspect no amount of diet programs gonna help that much unless I start working out regularly. So, my next plan is to at least try to do some jogging on the threadmills at my gym downstairs or I should just go buy a skipping rope so that I skip at the comfort of my own home.

Now having said all that, I must get into action and not be a nato~
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