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see the red 'patch' of rash on his right eyelid..

Aidan woke up this morning feeling feverish and several rashes had sprouted on his face - some on his eyelid and most around his mouth. His temperature measured abt 39% s.Behavior wise, he was still as hyper and noisy as ever...

Took him to the paed mainly coz of his rashes which was diagnosed as food allergy (hmm..the only new item we gave him yesterday was tofu) and the doc said the rashes were unlikely to be related to the fever. His temp is still high tho (@39%+), even after taking the meds. And when he woke up from his nap in the evening, he became very ultra fussy. Kept on wanting to be carried and he was constantly wailing away..kinda schizo coz it was either in a crying tone or a laughing manner. And when I put him down to play with his toys, he'll crawl to me going mumumumum and made sure I wasn't gonna go anywhere without him. I wish I could interpret what he's trying to tell me so at least I know how to attend to him the best that i can..I guess he just wanted me to be near him :)

I need to monitor him closely for the next few days.. He's now sleeping now after drinking his milk [which he didn't finish].

He had his measurements taken today. He only weights 9.7kg now. I thought he would be heavier actually. He feels heavier to me :P..And he's abt 78cm tall..Hmm..I thought he seemed shorter than that..:)

Hope the li' one will recover in time for his birthday. Aiyoh..just before his birthday, he bumped his head, gets 2 balooku and now he falls ill...So chum *sigh*~

*And before u guys think I've been dressing Aidan up in girly colors..I'm not responsible. One of the other moms ashleyneo was the culprit. We were at her place sometime last week. and she clipped Aidan's fringe with the paper clip and the room so happens to be pink in color so everything looks so ..pinkish... ~

Oh..we tried baking too. It was my first attempt at baking! :D~I was the one who kneaded the dough for the buttermilk scones we attempted to make. I forgot to add the raisins then so we belatedly placed the raisins on top of the unbaked shaped scones and placed it in the oven. Not a good idea coz the poor raisins were burnt~ But, at least the scones were still edible hehe.. Next time, we'll try making chocolate chips cookies :)

Doesn't this look a li' like chococate chips cookies?

The kids learning how to dance from the Hi5 gang../Aidan lookin with envy as June feeds Ryan..
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