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The li' one's fever has not subsided yet..His temperature is still averaging about 40% even though I've been giving him his meds regularly and sponging him with tepid water every few hours, especially when his body felt really warm. Last night, he didn't sleep well. Kept on waking up every 1 to 2 hours and just laid there and cried..Didn't even kachau us at all,which is what he normally does when he wakes up,,He was definitely bothered but there was nothing much I could do but nurse him as much as I could..So both hubby and I didn't have much zz time last nite..

I suspect he has roseola (fake measles)..based on his symptoms or it could be just teething fever. Funny that most of the other mom's kids seem to have gotten roseola too, the most recent of all, meganmacy's Macy.. I guess his fever would probably last at least one more day before it subsides. Will see if he breaks out into rashes then..He may end up looking like a strawberry on his birthday party.

Am a li' confused..when one has fever, do I let him sweat out the fever or do I try my best to cool him down? I've been doing the latter, letting him wear light clothings, placing him on the 'taxi-water cushion' and letting him sleep in the aircon room.


In spite of him being under the weather, he's still as fidgety and active as ever. I thought it would be okay to place him on my lap while I surfed the web but he grabbed the keyboard of my laptop and as a result....


And my laptop is only a few months old *sob*..I hope it's not gonna cost much to fix this..
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