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Trying out the party hat :)

Was a li' alarmed when he woke up this morning with a 41% temp and new spots on his face.. Spent the morning sponging him frequently making sure he doesn't 'overheat'..By about lunch time, his temp dropped to abt 39%..And another positive sign that he was better was that he got his appetite back. For the last 2 days, he's been eating lesser and was less enthusiastic during his meals. I think he has lost a li' of his rounded tummy too. But today during lunch time, he was a happy bugger again :)

By mid-afternoon, his temp went down to abt 38% and I think he's definitely on the road to recovery :). Just need to monitor him to see that his temp doesn't spike up again. Thanks all who'd sms-ed,emailed and enquired abt him on msn and lj..

Part 1 has him eating his first bowl of porridge. Part 2 - Me & Him tsk-ing at each other Part 3 - while having his second bowl of porridge, he spied me bringing out his bowl of papaya and then refused to finish his last few spoonful of the porridge to the exasperation of my dad-in-law..Yes. he finished up the entire bowl of papaya :)

Bah! I spoke too soon. His fever came back again later in the evenin..temp measured 39.9% before he slept..hope it subsides by next morning...

I don't know whether it's too late to write this now but for Aidan's birthday, try if possible not to buy toys for his present okay? Coz he has tons of it and if he gets anymore, I can open a playhouse soon. But if you have already gotten it, no worries.

I won't mind vouchers or angpows (sorry if I sound crass)..Or anything that's self-made :)

Those who's going who's still don't know my address or the timing of the party, please email me at
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