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Packing for Baby

Sheesh..I've been procrastinating! Everyone I know has been asking me whether I've prepared the bag already. got down to packing some items. Here's the run-down.

Checklist for items to be brought to hospital
For myself
1) 2 Nighties [front fastening for breastfeeding] - err..still wondering whether this is necessary. Hospital does provide nightgowns right? I don't own any nighties leh..cept for those err lingerie type which I doubt is appropriate :P
2) 1 Robe : yeah, at least I got this. Got a nice one from La Perla when I was in Vancouver.
3) 1 pair of slippers - only home slippers I have is this Mashimaro one :P
4) 2 brassiers [front fastening for breastfeeding]
5) Breast pads
6) Toiletries : soap, toothbrush & toothpaste, brush, face creams, shampoii etc
7) Towels : One bath/One hand
8) Sanitary pads
9) Disposable underwear - hm..Watsons should sell these..
10) Books/Magazines/PDA/Cardgames [in case of boredom] - must quickly go Borders to buy some new books & magazines!!
11) Infant Car Seat - Baby Hyperstore should deliver this by next monday *cross fingers*
12) Watch with a second hand to time contractions : hmm..I probably have to steal hubby's watch
13) Camera : arghh..yeah yeah..the digicam!!
14) Snacks/Tidbits

For Baby:
1) Receiving towel x 2
2) Baby Coming Home outfit - a layerette set [nice one] for picture taking :)
3) Mittons & Booties & Hat - hm I think I should choose the Pooh Bear ones hehe
4) Diapers

Hubby was telling me that my pregnancy is now the 'hot topic' in his office, especially since the birth is just round the corner. His female colleagues [including the cleaning & pantry aunty] have been coming up to him and querying about his preggy wifey and his soon to-be-borne baby. It's like they have suddenly found something in common to speak to him and would gather round him and interrogate him abt when the birth is, the gender, name, weight, size of the baby, type of birth - natural or C-Sect etc etc. And they will also grasp the opportunity to regale him their own birth-giving experiences and will offer him numerous advice and what to/what not to do..Often, he will glimpse his male colleagues' looks of pity but he lamented that none of them have helped him escape from these group of ladies heheh..What a great cohort of colleagues he has!! :)

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