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Aidan and his trademark TL look

Hope I don't jinx it again this time by saying that Aidan's fine..

Yesterday, after thinking that he seemed okay with his temp averaging about 38%, I left him with my in-laws and went to the mall to do some X'mas shopping. When I came back, they told me that he was burning hot with a temp of 40% and mil was sponging him a few times to bring his temp down..In the middle of the night, he was still sleeping uneasily, waking up a couple of times and his temp was still high. Woke up with a temp of 41% so by mid morning,I decided to call to make an appointment to see the paed at abt 11am..

And just as i was getting him ready to go to the doc, I realised he wasn't as 'warm' as before and so I took his temp again... and for the first time since he had fever [Sunday nite], his temperature dropped below 38%..It measured abt 37.5%. I think the li' bugger knew that if he goes, he'll get pricked by the needle (doc was gonna do a urine and blood test) so he decided to get well prompto! Called the doc's office and they said that if the temp spikes again, then bring him in..and till now, his temperature has actually gone down to 37% ..Am praying that it'll stay this way..

But..the spots on his face..aiyoh..! He looks like me when I was 18 (a teenage with lotsa pimples)..most of the spots are around his mouth and a 'patch' of rash just appeared on top of his lips. And furthermore, the rashes due to roseola has also sprouted too..mainly around his forehead near the scalp (tiny red dots scattered about) and some ard his neck and arms. Well, just have to hope that the rashes subside during the next few days so he'll look presentable during his birthday :) Actually, I'll be happy enough if he just recovers by then..not pretty nevermind :P..


I think Aidan has my eyes and nose :)

And the fella was actually fussier when his temp came down..Kept on wanting me to cuddle him and constantly making those babyish whimpering sounds. But..the feeling of it is actually kinda nice lah.. Feels just like when he was still a little baby :)</div>

====================== tons of presents wrapping to do especially I was unable to do so the past few days. I'm such a klutz at gift-wrapping and am wondering whether I can get hubby to help me do it although he's just as bad with wrapping...I really marvel at how people can be so creative with fanciful papers, ribbons and flowers..My wrapped presents always look like they are about to fall apart...

Tomorrow will be my turn to watch LOTR trilogy ..Got the starhub redemption tickets to watch the second marathon and it starts at Saturday 1am and will probably finish by lunch time..I'll just have to make sure I don't fall asleep during ROTK..
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