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clear skies, everything nice and spotty :)

Happy Birthday to meeee ..soon soon~

Here's Aidan on top/amongst his birthday gifts that he has received so far (yeah, mostly toys *sigh*)..Well, at least he's one boy who'll definitely enjoy playing with them..


The li' one's face and torso is covered with the roseola rash and it can be quite 'scary' looking if one doesn't know what it is..Interestingly with this illness, when the rash appears, it means that he is well and no longer contagious.

Thought that I should say this just in case he still looks this way on his birthday party this Sunday and some of the moms will be afraid & wonder whether it's safe for their kids to come..

u mean i'm no longer pretty??

It actually looks worse in person..his whole face is blotchy and spotty now..

But I'm so glad he has recovered. Now, both of us can go to the LOTR trilogy marathon with a peace of mind.
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