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I love that Aidan seems to be looking at me adoringly..:P

Bah..I don't how know I did it but I managed to delete my previous posting (the X'mas card)...what a klutz!

Oh man..I'm totally bushed and I still don't have enough sleep..! Have been sleepwalking about since last Saturday..which was when both hub and I sat through the entire LOTR trilogy (11 hrs of it all starting from 1am) and both of us were totally awake throughout all 3 movies! Couldn't recover from that because the day after was Aidan's birthday party so another hectic day again. And of cos the X'mas Eve dinner with family and good friends at my place and a X'mas luncheon at my sis-in-law's parents place. And then of coz not forgetting..Boxing Day today although I'm still deliberating whether to go fight with the other aunties and nubile young lasses for cheaper garments and trinkets.

I've overloaded on carbs & rich food the last 2 days and I think I've probably gained several pounds. I guess I gotta get back to my diet soon *sigh* and make use of my sis-in-law's pressie.

Not gonna write much..letting the pics do the talking coz as usual, I took lotsa pics during the last 2 days .You can see them all here but here's some of them..

with ashleyneo and li Tiff, bbhome and Ryan :)

I want cake..NOW!

First time Aidan encountered stairs and so he just kept busy climbing up and down..
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