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byebye 2003~!

Hmm..yeah, another little 'mishap' with Aidan although it happened a few days back....I wasn't around when it occurred coz hub and I were out paktor-ing and he was at my in-law's place. The hyper li' one was playing as usual around the coffeetable, slipped and fell and scratched his eyelid on the side of the glass top. Fortunately, it didn't jab his right eye...Yeah, there was a li' blood and his eyelid was black/blue for a while.. And actually, we were all pretty calm about it. I think we've become immune to the li' one getting into these li' accidents (hmm..not sure whether that's a good thing)..

It looks better now..A few people has actually commented that he looks as if he has blue and yellow eyeshadow on..

Brought the li' one for his first 'professional' haircut at Fantastic Sam @Forum Galleria today. The first cut was free and it came along with a 'certificate' and a lock of his 'virgin' hair. He was actually very gwai while having his haircut. He didn't cry like the kids before and after us but he was extremely curious about the shaver and kept on turning around to see what was attacking his precious locks.

Li' Goliath getting his locks trimmed..

Lemme go!!!/Lookin spiffy though miserable after the cut :)

It's New Year's Day in just a few hours time. resolution made yet..(oh well, I can never keep them anyway). Hm...maybe one. Hopefully, less accidents for Aidan in the year 2004! :D..

Well, year 2003 sure swished by pretty fast..It had been a good year I must's never been better..! A lovely family, fab hubby and a great kid, loving & supportive family/siblings and great friends both old and new. The only physical thing I can show for as an assessment for this year is none other than Aidan himself...and I'll give myself a B minus if I were to grade myself (that's for letting him fall off the bed several times and closing the door on his fingers couple of times and a few other unmentionable stuff)..Overall, I'm pretty satisfied as to how I've performed so far and hopefully, he'll grade me better if he's capable of doing so. Oh well, he'll probably give me minuses too for all the extra icecream and durians I've rejected him :P..

Anyway..HAPPY NEW YEAR TO U ALL!!!!!!!</div>
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