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now I got 2 ahbengs at home..:)

Kuah Simee!

The bike's one of his many bday presents

Having not seen Aidan for about 5 days, we missed him alot and couldn't wait to see him when we got back..He was sleeping by then coz we reached home at abt 10pm yesterday evening. But by just looking at him, we could tell that he's grown a little in the few days we were gone. He is definitely taller and has probably put on a few more pounds..

He hasn't started walking like some of the other kids his age but he knows how to stand up without using any support (saw him doing it the first time today) and is able to clap his hands or move around to the sound of music while standing up. But he simply refuses to walk..even when we try to hold his hands to guide him. He only 'walks' if he's supporting himself with furnitures or his toys.. Anyway, am sure he will walk when he finally decides not too anxious about it :)


Was away during the New Year week in KL and Genting..which explains why I haven't been updating my lj for a while. Aidan didn't join us because we went with our other 2 couple pals who weren't bringing their kids too. We wanted it to be a relaxing trip without kids. I think my in-laws thought we were there to make babies coz they were ever so happy to see us go.

We shopped and ate alot as usual..Stayed 2 nights at the new Berjaya Times Square suite which was situated right in the heart of town. Spent the following 2 nights at Genting. Did pretty well at the casino. Made a 'mini-killing' at the mini-baccarat table (was my first time playing the game) and was able to recoup what I spent for Aidan's birthday and also pay for my trip to Malaysia + my shopping expenditure hehe..Not a bad trip I must say!

With Bi & Trevor, Corrina & Darren...

Hubby clownin around ~
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