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Ciboy Aidan :)

Boo! I'm cuter~

Deri the real Ciboy in the foreground..

Aidan making a face..

Spent the morning making up for 'lost time' and took more pics of Aidan :D.. I remembered someone saying that Aidan looked a li' like a Ciboy so I decided to try taking pics of both of them but Aidan kept trying to eat poor li' Deri so it was kinda tough to get a good pic of both of them together..

The li' one has developed some really cute traits. Nowadays, when I'm in bed with him while watching tv and he wants to get my attention, what he does is that he'll remove his pacifier and then try to shove it into my mouth..and when I do 'accept' the pacifier, he'll giggle and then remove it promptly and place it back into his mouth..heee..not very hygenic I know..And yesterday, while I was folding his clothes and hankies, he took one of the hanky, shove it into my mouth, and then lean forward and chomp on the hankie which is hanging out of my mouth and took it back..and started to laugh gleefully and did it all over again. I guess that's his way of sharing. He still refuses to share his food though. What he does is he'll offer it to us but when we try to take it, he'll grab it back and chomp on it..*headache*

Hubby is on half-day leave today so we're planning to go to Sentosa and play at the beach. Hopefully, it won't rain.

Edited :
Met our in-laws for lunch at Jack's Place (today is Wednesday so it's Oxtail Stew day!)...Both hubby and Aidan were extremely sleepy after the meal so we decided that both of them would come back home to rest/nap first and we'll leave for Sentosa abt 4pm. Well, at least the sun won't be that hot then :)

Not a very welcoming face...

Meanwhile, here's a video which I've been meaning to show but kept on forgetting. laurapoon managed to capture this at Aidan's bday party. Thanks :))

A video of the Singing of the birthday song
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