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Biking for 3 :)

Doesn't Aidan look lankier now?

We didn't go to Sentosa yesterday as originally planned. My 2 guys slept like a log and woke up about 5pm so it was kinda late ..we thus decided to go biking at East Coast Park instead :)

I think it was a good alternative especially since the weather was so nice and cool. And more importantly, it wasn't crowded at all there unlike during the weekends where it's almost impossible to bike or blade without being run over by people. Hubby biked with Aidan of coz..he said it was a li' difficult to peddle b'coz the childseat was in the way of his knees.

Aidan was acting nonchalent as usual when he was propped into the childseat on the bike. But when hubby started peddling away and when the wind was blowing at his face, his face lit up with glee and he would kick his feet in the air and make cute li' whoops and yelps..Hubby and I would ring the bells as we cycle by each other and Aidan would look about wondering where the ringing sounds were coming from.And he was such a kaypoh! Whenever anyone biked or bladed by, he'll just stare at the person in curiousity...Thankfully he's still a kid or else he'll probably kena for staring!

Thankfully hubby was the one with Aidan coz I got into a mini-crash. It was at the end of our biking 'expedition' when I was turning into the bikeshop. I looked behind me and saw this li' kid biking a distance away so I thought I was in the clear. Didn't know that he was going like 200km/hr and then as I was making the turn, he came crashing into me, hitting my derriere. How could he miss my big ass, I wonder!? Fortunately, my bum was pretty well-padded so it didn't hurt that much. The kid was okay too..he looked pretty dazed tho and both of us ended up apologising to each other profusely. Kept on thinking that had Aidan been riding with me......*shudder*..

After about an hour of exercise, we did the typical Singaporean thing by going to Macs to have some coke and fries and then to Jumbo for chilli crabs and fried man tou *slurp*..Yeah, so much for sports and diets.. But it was really a fun day..Something different from our usual jaunt to the malls..

I am aching badly now though...serves me right for not exercising regularly..bah!

Aidan & Hubby on bike...

A token pic with the wee one on the bike..

Aidan lounging around/Playing at the slide outside Macs..

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