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my precious :)

Aidan has gotten more and more attached to the piggy..which I guess is his comfort toy. My mom in-law and sis-in-law had been trying to get him a substitute by buying him a toy lamb, cat and teddy bear but he'll just ignore them all and just head straight for poor piggy.

Nowadays, instead of using piggy as a 'bolster', he prefers to use it as a pillow. I guess it's coz Aidan has grown taller and so the piggy is too small for him to wrap his legs around..

Not sure whether I should try to wean him off piggy..but i guess it's not that bad coz he only goes for piggy when he's in bed.

Aidan with piggy and the other wannabes..


Yesterday, when I met up with ashleyneo and bbhome, both commented that Aidan's features seemed to have changed..and that he's looking more and more like my hubby ..hrmmphhh. I was thinking that he was resembling me more.

If I had lotsa space at my place, I'll definitely buy this playhouse for him. He was playing with it at the children playarea which is at the basement of Paragon yesterday and he went crazy over it coz he could open and close the doors and windows to his heart's content w/out being reprimanded and whisked away. You should see the look of gleeful joy on his face as he was banging the door shut...:)
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