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Ooooh..nice eh! Can't wait for the movie to be out. Hubby's been bugging me about it's launch date since I showed him the trailer sometime back. He seems to be looking more forward to this movie than LOTR2 hmm..[I believe it's gonna be premiering in Singapore in early Jan] But honestly, based on the trailers and pictures from the movie's official website, this movie is worth getting excited over. In fact, the name of the actors in the movie alone will simply make u orgasmic..hehe..Tony Leung *ultimate drool*, Maggie Cheung, Jet Li, Zhang Ziyi and to top it off, it is directed by acclaimed director, Zhang Yimou and the cinematographer is Christopher Doyle of Chungking Express fame.. A definite Must Watch!!



Postnote : *sigh* Movie's gonna be out during my confinement period. I'm sure it's okay to go out a little during that time right?!
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