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bearbear to the rescue :D..

no fish prawn oso can..

Aidan's 'cold' was much worse than I thought..Doc declared that he had bronchitis [chest cold] and his respiratory tract was pretty inflamed which meant that the tubes in his lungs were plugged with mucus.And it was only later in the afternoon yesterday that his cough became more wet and he was wheezing..Bugger refuses to let me clean up his mucus after he sneezed and when i tried to use the muscus extractor, he whipped it outta my hands and started playing with it..oh man..Thankfully, he's not very whiny and clingy..He's extremely playful and active and leaving a trail of sticky mucus everywhere he goes..eew~

Earlier in the afternoon after drinking his milk on the bed, he started coughing quite badly and promptly puked some of it out together with a batchful of phelgm and mucos..Some landed on the bedsheet but most of it landed on poor piggy. It was actually a good sign as that meant he was able to clear most of the phlegm that has been bothering him..He seemed to be okay after that, coz he was able to breath much easier then. Poor piggy was another story though.He was totally soaked with milk and goo-ey phlegm and I had to pry him outta Aidan's hands (he refused to let him go) so that I could throw the soiled plushtoy into the wash..

So now Aidan has to settle for bearbear instead..Begrudingly tho :)

matchmaking session..

poor boy..wet eyes, wet nose and dribbling away too..

Oh well, just pray that he recovers fully by Chinese New Year. The paed did say it will take a while for him to recover..about a week or so..Won't be good to bring him visiting and exposing his germs to other kids...
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