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well enuff to punch a bear..

The brown bear next to Aidan is Norton..Some of u may have seen the ad on TV esp during the X'mas period..Norton is an interactive bear that can walk,run, giggle, talk, sleep and even snores. It's a birthday gift from gwynne koalababy.

Anyway..Aidan abhors him :P..Whenever Norton runs towards him, Aidan will lean back and try to avoid him and he'll give him this disgusted look..and when he has the opportunity, he'll go towards Norton and punch him in the nose several times..even when the bear is lying flat on the ground. Oh man..should I stop him from being so rough with Norton? Oh well, at least Norton's not real..

(Gwynne, I'm sure Aidan will warm up to Norton when he gets older hehe..)

eh..get away from me u ...!


Aidan's Mike Tyson look..


For a boy who is supposed to be sick with bronchitis, he certainly doesn't behave like one. He tears around the house in superspeed, he eats like a pig, drinks like a cow..(hm..not sure whether i got the right animal but u get my drift), he even enjoys taking his medicine..opening his mouth wide open each time he sees the meds syringe coming towards him..

Anyway, he's definitely on the mend .. still phlegmy and coughing a li' but much lesser compared to Monday. But unfortunately, I am not in too good a shape.I have a runny nose , sorethroat and slight cough.. Guess Aidan's virus was mighty contagious and what made it tougher was having to keep up with him in my condition..I couldn't take my meds becuz it made me drowsy and if i happened to konk out, Aidan would have a field day destroying everything in the house. Fortunately, my in-laws were ard at times to look after him so that I could get some rest. If not, i'll be totally zombiefied already.

Mong meganmacy is back in Singapore already and I'm supposed to meet her for dinner and adjourn to a pub later in the evening..Hope that I'll improve a li' so that I can make it for dinner but i doubt i'll be able go hiao with her..'s something she bought from Hong Kong for the li' bugger.. Cool eh! The sleeves when reversed is the same color as the pants. I love it coz it's pretty unique..not like the 'waiter' chinese costumes u see ard in Chinatown..

Nice eh!! Can't wait to see how it looks on Aidan..


New Videos
Oh it's been a while since I showed any videos of Aidan..Here's 2 that I'd captured today...
a) Introduced Hi5 to the li' one recently and he's in love with them totally..especially when they sing and dance. Aidan is dancing to the intro music here (he's actually looking for piggy at the end of the clip..) click here.
b) Aidan with his mouth open wide going 'ah' as he is given a here

n coz i'm so boliao..
As some of u may already know, I'm rather into pageants (not that i ever wanna take part init)..especially the ones held in Hong Kong.I guess it's becuz I'm such a TVB serial addict and most of the popular actors in the station were contestants from either Miss HK or Miss Chinese International..Also, I tend to prefer such contests because Singapore does have a fair chance in winning since it's a pageant for chinese women..So year after year, I'll try to follow the contests closely and 'coz it isn't shown on our terrestrial channels, I always have to rely on the internet..At least this year, Miss Chinese International will be shown on Ch48 which I subscribe to..

I wonder why our local television channels aren't interested in the rights for Miss Chinese International (like what they do for Miss Universe)..I mean it is definitely a better stepping stone towards the entertainment/tv industry in HK [that is provided their cantonese is proficient i guess] compared to being in Miss U or Miss World..I mean, most of the pageant queens and runner-ups I've seen seemed to wanna be in showbiz (well cept for this lady lawyer who probably knows she'll get paid peanuts if she switched lines). The 2 most popular of MCI are Christy Chung and Michelle Reis..and others areSonja Kwok, Bernice Liu, Michelle Ye just to name a few..(only those who watches TVB dramas will know who they are :P)

Actually, there is a Singaporean 'queen' who managed to break into the HK industry that many don't really know of..No, not Paulyn (aka Alien) Sun who has gotten pretty infamous ..Her name is Eileen Yeowand she was a Miss Singapore Universe 1991..Apparently, she gotten to know Anita Yuen (who was Miss HK when she was Miss Singapore) well and tru the encouragement of the latter, she flew to HK and managed to get into TVB after a few auditions.. She's not the leads in the TVB dramas but her roles are actually quite numerous and she has made quite an impression with the viewers with her fine acting. I'm just wondering if she can make it, why can't others? Why stick to deplorable Mediacorp or Mediaworks?

Ok..and back to the real reason why I'm writing this..Why is Singapore's standard in beauty pageant getting worse??? Oh man...look at this year's contestants for MCI from the various countries and look at Singapore's entrant(top right)..*sigh* She is seriously the worst looking of the lot..And during their talent contest, where the other contestants showed their skills (one played the flute, another the piano, some did some gungfu thingy and a few danced pretty professionally (salsa, ballet, chinese dance). Our Miss Singapore chose to do a song-dance item where she wore a leopard prints costume and sang while wriggling a hoola hoop around her waist.. tacky!! There were a few pageant forums that actually questioned how did she ever became queen and some even queried whether Singapore girls are generally that ugly..*sigh*..

Anyway, i guess i better stop being so critical...but seriously, the girls in Singapore are far better-looking than those people they chose to represent us..Yeah i know contests are superficial and demeaning etc etc..but I so lurrvve to watch them and oogle at the girls.. I think I was probably was a DOM in my previous incarnation..
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