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Happy Chinese New Year..

Finally had the time to let Aidan try out the chinese traditional garment Mong meganmacy bought for him. I think the pictures doesn't do the clothes justice..the material is beautiful and very well sewn and the jacket is really nice, with it's vibrant green and reversible black hue. Can't really button it all the way to the top (guess Aidan's neck is too broad :P). I think he looks like a li' coolie in it :D..

Peter helped retouch the original pic I'd posted (where the green was kinda bright)...He even made one in red which I think looks really cool!!!

Can't keep him still for long...

Darn..I realised he has no nice shoes to match with the outfit..oh-oh...

Oh man...I'd finally managed to clean up the house today.. Both of us were feeling too ill to do it during the weekend..Can u imagine, I'd only just took down the X'mas tree! Yeah..shows how much a procrastinator we are. There were still some unopened presents under the tree (some I only just discovered). Thankfully, none of them were perishable items :P

Am so unprepared for CNY this year. Aidan didn't need new outfits coz he still has tons from my shopping expedition in New York. Only just managed to buy some new clothes for myself from an online shop..(thankfully they delivered it the same day I ordered it). Will see if I have the time to do a pedicure later. I had my nails done yesterday and I realise that my poor neglected feet looked so ragged and plain compared to my fingers. It's been a while since I have nicely painted fingers and feet..I know I'll feel more 'glam' with them.

On the first year of marriage, I was happy (siao eh) to give out angpows. Made me feel 'more married'. Last year, I was happy to receive angpows (on behalf of Aidan). Finally, a ROI after 3 years..This year, I guess the feeling is somewhat ambivalent..but am slightly looking forward to showing Aidan off to the relatives..some who had only last seen him during his 1st month celebration. Am sure many of them are gonna tell me how much he looks like hubby.bah!.Gotta also brace myself for comments like "fwah..u've become so bwee!"..gah!
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