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Trigger Happy :)

My living room & the X'mas tree!!

Spent the afternoon playing ard with the digicam and figuring how to upload the pics [yeah.I'm that free!!!]..Don't seem to be able to find any good webhost for the photos.Ended up using Imagestation..Thankfully,moxielass introduced to me..:)

Most of the pics were taken in my apartment. Yeah,I definitely cannot be part of the Home&Decor magazine team. Still need to improve my picture-taking skills and learn how to use the camera manually..

To view the rest of my [miserable] fotos, Click

You can see the entrance to my aptment on the far end..

That's the shoe cabinet designed like a feature wall.About 3/4 of the cabinet is filled with my shoes heh :)

A very cramped TV console..yeah..that reminds me..we still haven't got our free DVD player from Citibank *fume*

Baby Aidan's bed..and the cute little musical mobile :)

This is Maxmillian...the solo fish in the house since all his buddies have gone to fish-heaven. You can see how dirty the fishtank is from this picture..Btw, Max is my hubby's fish *taijee*

Another pic of dear Max! Cute hor!</a>

Pretty pleased with me-self..[yeah, I'm very suakoo]..Will probably take more pics in the next few days..lalala!
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