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CNY first day :)

Regular Breakfast@YC's parents place on CNY day 1....

First day of Chinese New Year made up of the usual visits to parent's and relatives house..Aidan was quite a darling..in his bright green suit. Everyone oohed&ahhed (helps that he was the youngest there) at him, pinching his cheeks and saying that he was so cute and called him a mini-HuangFeiHong..Unlike the reunion dinner yesterday night where he was rather grouchy and intimidated by the large no. of pple at my uncle's place, he was so much more friendlier today and allowed many of his granduncles and aunties to carry him, even offering some of them the tidbits he was munching on. He loved to receive the red packets, holding out his hands each time they gave the angpows to him and refused to let them go when I try to pry it outta his hands (when he was overflowing with them). Not sure whether this is a good sign man..

He was totally zonked out by the mid-afternoon..:) Didn't take much pics today cept when we were at hubby's parents place in the morning coz I spent most of the time keeping him away from the snack table...~

Oh man ...More visitings to go tomorrow *tired*..But first, mahjong tonight! Hubby's playing first coz American Idol's on..whoohoo~

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Jan. 22nd, 2004 06:58 am (UTC)
Too shacked from a full day of visting to party tonight. Heheh, maybe tomorrow? :)

Yah, LifeBaby stuff's rather cool I must say, but not cheap alright. I guess you pay for the uniqueness of the clothes. I think I know which white top and pants (with nice motif) you mean ... nice, nice! But yah, some pple quite pangtang white and black colours, so not good for CNY.

Erm, gf helped pick me a nice and simple linen shirt from Country Road for CNY. I don't mind coz it's pretty comfy and laidback ... my kinda clothes. Heheh! Erm, I'm not a gym-bear lah. Just workout a bit to keep fit. :)
Jan. 22nd, 2004 07:12 am (UTC)

That's the one I was referrin to. Guess ur gf prob bought this orange dress eh..pretty cool looking eh. Some of the stuff i dun even mind wearing it myself :)

Heh..that's what gf and wives are good for..buying clothes n undies coz most guys i know hate shopping. Hubby din even buy any new stuff for CNY..thankfully, i did buy him some new boxers :P..
Jan. 22nd, 2004 07:20 am (UTC)
Hey, "yes" to both white top/pants and orange dress! The orange dress was kinda sexy I thought ... not sure if I'll allow my own daughter (if I have one) to wear something like that next time. Hahaha! Protective dad in the making huh? ;) Hey, the salesgal showed me some adult-sized ones, but I don't think it's very me ... maybe gf can still pull off the look.

Erm, I'm like your hubby ... don't really like shopping much. In fact, I only buy clothes when I need too (like when my existing ones are disintegrating right before my eyes) ... and even then, I always buy back the same brand and cut. Saves time, no need to waste time trying them on! Hahaha! Erm, gf buys me undies/boxers too. *sheepish*