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Babies galore

I slept really well yesterday :P..Thing is, hubby fell asleep on the living room couch at abt 11pm..I was trying to wake him up to get him to go into the master bedroom but I guess he was still in a state of heavy stupor and told me that he rather remained where he was..So, I slept alone in the master bedroom and you know what..BLISS!! Had a peaceful sleep and woke up at 11am. Darn..this is bad! Felt worse for hubby coz the living room couch ain't exactly the most comfy place to sleep on..

My sis, evonnetay was so funny! When she saw me online abt abt 12noon today, she told me that she'd assumed that I'd gone into labour in the early morning coz I wasn't online at all from 3am-8am as usual..hee~

Hm..6 more days to Aidan's arrival :)..My gal pals, Boon Na, Rita & Penny have sent me the latest pics of their daughters..Ah...all so cute!!!! All potential gfs for Aidan hehehe! Darn..maternal instinct's kicking in!!

This is Boon Na & Jonathan's baby girl, Wan Ying :)..just 2 months old.

Penny is expecting her 2nd child [she doesn't know the baby's gender yet] who's also gonna be borne sometime around next week..She is currently staying in Florida, USA..This is her cute li' 3 year old daughter, Vicky.

Here is Charlize, 4 months old daughter of Rita & hubby [eeks I've forgotten his name]..
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