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CNY (cont'd)

Loads of visiting for the past 2 days....We did more visiting this year compared to last coz I think we'd used Aidan (who was only abt 1 mth old then) as an excuse for getting out of some of the visits..More people seemed to be opening their homes too. Oh man..it was tiring with at least 4 places to squeeze into our schedule each day..(esp since the first appointment is usually at lunch).

Aidan had a blast coz he had so much opportunity to eat.Each time we placed him down at someones' place, he automatically gravitated towards the coffee table where the snacktray is.He seemed to be getting used to the crowd and warmed up to pple much faster even if they were strangers. Strange tho..he now selects whom he wants to befriend..He only held out his hands to wish Happy New Year to a select few, and simply ignores the rest (but will first grab the angpow) and just went abt looking for snacks..Those who offered him snacks became his new best friend immediately but many a time, us parents had to shake our head if that particular snack was on our no-no list and the snack would be taken out of his hand and replaced with one that we were okay with.

Took loads of picture but the battery died on me when I was at Macy's birthday party after I took only a few shots *sob*..Will let the pictures do the talking then :)

Aidan also saw a cat up close for the first time..and he kept on chasing after her. And when he managed to get close to her, he'll pat her head (very hard) and try to wrestle with her..No wonder the poor kitty was afraid of him and kept scampering away...(I think he was attempting to do what he usually does with piggy). It was not easy trying to get a pic of them beucz of that...

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Jan. 26th, 2004 09:30 pm (UTC)
yeah..the cat is really beautiful n v well kept and loved :) Her name is Cash btw hehe..

Hah! At least i found a like-minded kid. The rest of the kids who was abt aidan's age or older were all not that enamoured by the snacks as Aidan was so I was wondering why my kid was an exception. So paiseh..like we never give him enuff treats at home :P

Ouch..the whiskers? poor kitty..thankfully the cat din retaliate. Yeah..better not let both of kids loose with cats or else spca will probably have to intervene..

Are u free tomorrow? Prob will ask some moms over to my place for tea esp since meganmacy and claudiacheng is in town..
Jan. 26th, 2004 10:16 pm (UTC)
tomorrow working leh... saw your post on your gathering with them. Aidan looks really cool in the kungfu outfit, looks better in black or red (touched up by Peter).
Jan. 27th, 2004 07:13 am (UTC)
heh nevermd then. Always another time eh :)
Yeah..Aidan does look better in darker and bolder colors..that's y i seldom dress him in 'babyish' clothes coz they tend to be pastels and light blueish..