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CNY Day 3 & Macy's bday

From left, June bbhome and Ryan, Tracey claudiacheng [li' Claudia was zzg], Laura laurapoon and Caleb, me & Aidan, Ashley ashleyneo [li' Tiff was home sick], Trish flipover [her two boys were running around somewhere] and Anny daynema [Dayne was at home]

It was Macy's birthday celebration on the 3rd day of CNY..And so we made our way there so that Aidan could see his long-di gf but he was too tired and fell asleep even before he reached there (we had 2 other visits before that) and slept tru the cutting of the birthday cake After he woke up, Macy kept on running away when we tried to take pics of both of them together *sigh* Guess they aren't meant to be..hehe..

Aidan was wearing the gongfu suit again but this time round, I reversed the top and I think he looks better in darker colors. He'd only changed into it especially for Macy's bday becuz we had arranged with the other moms for our kids to be dressed in traditional chinese clothes but only Caleb and Aidan were in them..

Every house we visited, Aidan had fun becuz not only did he have lotsa snacks to eat, there were other kids and toys to play with and he was always entertained somehow.He received loads of angpows..about 800 bucks worth so far which will go into his education fund. But we gave out quite a fair bit too so it's like literally giving dough to the li' one. Chinese New Year is definitely meant for the kids!

I remember the show I Not Stupid where the young girl was asking the mom where her angpow monies were and the mom was saying that she was saving/investin it well for her (yeah i's supposed to be a dig at our govt and what they say they are doing with the country's reserves)..But seriously, does one actually give all that dough that was collected for the kids entirely to them ? I remember mine was always put into a bank account tho I never remembered what happened to the money later. I think we only kept our own angpow money when we were like Sec 4 onwards..

But oh boy, this New Year was certainly tiring for us parents..There were always so many kids running abt and half the time, I had to try to remember whether I'd given that kid a red packet or not..Some kid's probably smiling gleefully that this blur aunty had given him an angpow twice..

Not sure what it will be like next year when Aidan's probably more hyper and mobile..*awk*

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