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I think people who reads my journal will think that Aidan's perpetually eating coz I'm forever showing pics of him with food...Well, he had even more food today when we visited Lina's place...He devoured most of the potato/tuna patties that Lina had baked for the kids . The greedy fella even tried to spear the other kid's patties from their plates with his fork but ended up falling off the chair as a result ..Li' bugger cried and cried and was only pacified with his apple juice and even more potato patties. But I still think he didn't have enough food coz he was somewhat grouchy even after his short nap..He was in such a better mood later at home after I fed him his fish porridge dinner...

More pics taken today..

Aidan should be more subtle while beoing at girls..


I should have done this earlier but u guys, pls just hop over to auntyadele's lj and send some good vibes and wishes over to her and her family. She's truly a lovely lady who's been so generous and most of u guys on my friends list can testify better than me..
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