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*awk* I have such yellow teeth n oily face.. bah!

Not surprisingly, the most common question I encountered during CNY was "So, when's the next one gonna be!"..And usually, hubby's parents will be within earshot and would be beaming away and probably thanking them internally for being so 'supportive'.. It's not a secret that my in-laws wants more grandchildren..and that they long for a grand-daughter [though I know they would love their grandsons just as much too].

They are nice about it..they don't pressure me aggressively but they do bring up the matter when they have a chance to. Mom always jokes that she doesn't mind buying an MPV so that she can ferry all her grandkids around. Sis-in-law, who had a tough time having her first child and is currently taking some pills so as to increase her chances of conceiving is also encouraging me to do so..She keeps saying that I should be thankful that I'm healthy enough to 'breed'.

I'm not getting any younger..if I do want another child, it has to be probably in at most 3 year's time and I don't want the age-gap of the children to be too wide. I'm on a fence here though. Aidan has been a joy no doubt though he can be a handful at times. It's just that I'm not that ready mentally although I have to admit, I wasn't ready for Aidan too since he wasn't planned either. I'm simply kinda ambivalent about having another kid. True, it would be good for Aidan to have a brother or sister to bully play with..but I do try to make up for it by letting him play with other kids his age though I know it's not the same. And heh..I'll get a better ROI during CNY too :D~~

Oh well..I think I'll just give more thought to this later. I'll just enjoy Aidan first..(till he reaches his terrible 2s)~
Pics taken at our CNY family dinner on Friday :)


Peter, if u are reading can I try to lighten this picture? I tried using Ctrl L on photoshop but it's still kinda darkish.
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