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Aidan Update :)

He's now 10.2 kg and 78 cm tall at 13 and a half months old :)

According to mom, he walked 3 steps unaided yesterday but I wasn't around so it doesn't count :P..But he's been standing up on his own and taking mini single steps with me around. Lately, he's been standing up unsupported on the bed pretty often but what's scary is that he loves to go to the edge of the bed and stand! I mean of all the space on the big bed, he choose to go right to the edge, and stand with his soles just sticking out a he was attempting a back flip dive..Oh man! This fella ah..he gives me a heart attack at times! I'm fine with him not walking yet though...I know he will walk when he wants to and when he does, there's gonna be no stopping him.

He's been pretty noisy lately..and he 'shouts' alot now..really loudly! He usually goes "Gah!" I really don't know how to stop him from doing so..we go shhh and he goes louder. We ignore him and he still does it. We reprimand him and he'll cry *arghh*. I think he started shouting after seeing his cousin doing it when we were at our in-law's place having lunch. Mom was saying that Aidan is good at picking up bad habits...oh well~

He doesn't verbalise that much too..cept for the normal mama, papa, mummum, dada and bear (the bear he hates) and some other non comprehensible B sounds. Ok..I think that's just pure baby babbling. He calls piggy 'gigi'... He's been going kekekekek, or kikikikiki alot too but we have no idea what it stands for but that's the sound he makes when he 'talks' to us excitably. I don't know whether I should be worried that he's quite slow in picking up the language..especially since his peers seems to be faring much better. We converse and read to him quite often and I do let him watch those Baby can Read tapes and some other educational stuff but he still prefers High5 and Wheels..

He's okay with hand gestures. He finally became proficient with the 'gong-xi' move only after we completed our he was gongxi-ing away at us from last monday onwards. He can do the basic flying kisses,clapping of hands and High5-ing.. He loves to do the 'twinkle twinkle litle star' handsign. Once when he got bored with a Baby Can Read video and was crawling away..But when he heard the music of Twinkle Twinkle..he immediately crawled back , climbed up to the bed, stood up and started twinkling away with his hands and bobbing away to the music :)

Oh..he's been more cheery too. He smiles and laughs a lot now and is still as active and hyper as ever. Eats huge amt of food and drinks abt 640ml of milk per day. He drools even much more now though. I really wonder why...he can't be teething constantly..He usually go through abt 3-4 bibs per day..timroy , is there anyway u can teach me the method of stopping the drooling...mebbe over the phone?

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