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still my baby :)

Dig those long lashes too :) u can see, I've gotten the cardreader already ~

Lotsa people have recently commented that Aidan's looks has changed. I didn't actually noticed it till I browsed tru his old pictures.. He has actually gotten slimmer in the face..His cheeks are no longer that chubby anymore and even his little paunch is less rounded. I think it's probably 'coz he has grown taller so he does look leaner but he's still quite bakbak imo.. He's actually eating more than before so I'm surprised that he hasn't put on more weight instead.I wanted to do a li' montage of all his pics but it's gonna be quite time-consuming especially since I'm quite a dunce at photoshops so it'll probably take a while..

I'm still call him 'my baby' even though he has passed babyhood...My baby's not one who enjoys being hugged and often whenever I wrap my hands around him and peppers his face with kisses, he'll struggle and make a face..But when I'm lying on the bed next to him, he'll sometimes turn to look at me (even when he's watching tv) and will start touching my face (sometimes putting his fingers into my nostrils..ewww), and at times give me a li' peck on my face or lips. These are moments which I really treasure and ~~

This li' bugger has gotten really active..He loves to climb into all the small crevices around the house..especially in between furnitures. His favourite items are still the cordless phone and all the remote controls..Sometimes, I simply give up and let him play with the remote controls for a while till he gets tired of them and move on to other stuff..

Pics of Aidan monkeying around before bedtime a few hours ago

Doing the She-Bang move~~
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