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idol talk :P~

Darn..I so wanted Matthew Metzger to make it to the finals of AI..Yeah, his voice is weak especially when compared to the female contestants and he probably got to the top 3 courtesy of people who voted coz he was so pretty~~. I admit,I'm superficial.. He looks like a cross between Michael Vartan, Luke Perry and Josh Lucas *slurp slurp*..Some eyecandy in the finals would be good but looks like it's shaping out to be an almost all female finals *sigh*..I hope he makes it back to as a Wildcard contestant!


Sorry moxie..but i really dunno what the big fuss is abt Fantasia..I thought she sounded nasal but oh well, everyone seems to think she's great.

Hmm..I don't know but I thought this recent article in San Francisco Chronicle is kinda embarrassing in a way..Yeah, it's abt the omnipotent Mr William Hung ...Old news already ya?

...he(William)'s scorching in Singapore, according to his unofficial publicist.

"If he went there, women would rip his clothes off in the streets," said Don Chin, a real estate agent in McKinleyville (Humboldt County) who started the fan site

The thing is.....he probably is right based on all the messages on the AI show and his unonfficial website, gushing how awesome and great he is..! Apparently, he was also invited (to perform?) to the MTV Asia Awards..doubt he's coming or else the print media would have splashed his face on front page again instead of focusin on peeps like Vaness, Blue or Boa~

Anyway..just watch this's a 'live' performance where he was a guest performer for open mike nite at one of the dorms in his uni a few days ago..Kinda cute to see his schoolmates 'she-banging' with him
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