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Was telling my hubby exactly what I wrote in the previous journal during dinner today..Here's his reaction.

Hubby : Waliao! Your life revolves around movies and tv shows only!!!!
Me : Err..not true dear! My life also revolves around you and in the near future, baby Aidan too.[cue to flutter eyelashes at him]..
Hubby : [with a smirk on his face] : Yeah, sure..sure!! Like I'll believe you!

Gasp!! I think I've been found out by my hubby at last..:P~

Went to the gynae for my last ante-natal visit in the afternoon. Baby Aidan has grown a little..He's now 3.2 kg, which Dr Tan says is an ideal weight :) He asked me whether I wanted epidural and of coz I replied in affirmative. Would be checking into the hospital at about 6pm this Sunday..and the start of the inducement of labour [breaking of the water bag] would be done on Monday morning at about 8am. It is very likely that I would be spending Christmas Day in the hospital *sigh*..Well, Dr Tan was saying that the nurses would be around to serve me X'mas logcakes for tea. I'd rather be home for Christmas~ *sob*

Watched The Lord of the Rings : The Two Towers at Bishan GV..Was supposed to catch the 9pm show. When we were at the lobby of the cinema, I saw the staff of GV carrying standing fans [they looked brand new] passing by us and I was telling hubby that it looked like one of the theatre's airconditioning has broken down. "It'd better not be our theatre!"..I thought. And true enough, it was the theatre that we were at. The fans were situated at the front and back of the theatre and we were seated right in the middle. There was no freaking way that I was gonna sit in a theatre for 3 hours in that heat! We then decided to change the tickets to the 10pm show. Thankfully, there were still seats left.

Saw this funny exchange [well, it was funny to me!] at the ticket counter. This big sized man with a clinging woman by his side had been complaining to this GV staff about the aircon fiasco and was getting nowhere.. Then, in a booming voice, I heard..

Big-sized man to GV staff : "I want to see your manager right NOW!! [bang ticket counter]
Pimply, gangly looking, small-sized guy wearing GV uniform :" Err..I am the manager..sir..!"
Big-size man : "....*splutter* !!!! " and walked away with the woman tottering after him..[I thought I saw him foaming in the mouth].

Also overhead..this other lady approached a GV staff who was standing outside that theatre...

Lady :" Can't you guys just switch us all to another theatre???"
GV Staff :"But maam, all the other theatres are full!"
Lady :"I'm sure the other theatres are not as full as THIS theatre. Why can't you just do an exchange..Let them suffer instead!!!"

Hmm..sheesh...some people are so selfish!

Anyway, the movie was awesome, as expected. There was this fantastic battle scene at Helm's Deep between Aragon et al, Rohan & men and Isengard's orc troops..I was berating myself for not watching the Fellowship again, since I got the VCD with me. The beginning of the show wouldn't be that abrupt to me then..

There were some funny moments in the film too. The lurveee between Legolas and Gimli was really deep man!! Legolas is still as swoonsome and there is this scene in a battle where he looked as if he was on a man!

Need a nice shower and hopefully, I'll be able to get some sleep. Finale of TAR tomorrow in about 12 hours time!!!!

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