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Okay...we manage to figure out why Aidan drools so much..or seemingly more than the other kids. Yesterday at jinsiew's place, some of the moms tried to make Aidan learn how to swallow his saliva. Unfortunately, they couldn't get him to close his mouth. When we tried to clamp his jaws together, he'll resist and open his mouth bigger.

And I'd just realised that too..When Aidan isn't eating/chomping away, his mouth is perpetually slightly agape..So the drool will be like dribbling of his mouth and he doesn't even wanna attempt to swallow it..

*Arghhh* Gotta have to teach him how to do it..I'm running outta bibs and I had plenty to start with!


Heh..this is for you laurapoon..Here's a video of Aidan for Caleb..

Heh..that's how easy it is to have Aidan take his medication...I thought the meds must taste really good but when i tried it...eeeucks!

Token pics of the day :)

man..Aidan has a pretty big n high forehead..


Met up with a pal, Alex for dinner yesterday evening. He returned to Atlanta early this morning as he was in Singapore for a short working trip..

Alex is a good pal of my ex-boyfriend.. Unfortunately, my ex didn't wanna see me so it was kinda tough trying to meet with him coz if he was around, I couldn't join them..bleah. So yesterday was like some covert operation..where I had to meet him first for dinner and when the ex came around to meet him at the hotel, I had to leave so that he won't see me...

But heh..that always doesn't work out eh..While hugging Alex goodbye at the lobby, the ex drove up outside the entrance of the hotel..Not sure he recognised me though coz it's been ages since we met and I definitely had put on the pounds (and him even more *evil grin*)..

Hrmphh..I still don't understand why the ex is still so stubborn....The breakup wasn't that bitter and he said that he wanted to remain friends initially but when I hooked up with YC, he changed his stance totally..He's married and have a li' girl now (who's about the same age as Aidan actually) so he has definitely moved on in his life. Alex was jokingly saying that if Aidan and his daughter start dating in the future, the ex will probably have a fit :P

Oh least I got to say goodbye to Alex....!

He's still single by the way so if any of u single women would like to ....*coff*~~
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