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:) [loads of pics]

Nothing much to update for this week cept that Aidan is still learning how to walk and can walk longer distances only when enticed with food (hmmm). The furthest he'd walked was from the living room to the study room..he was 'chasing' after me for a small piece of cheese. I think I should attach a 'fishing rod' onto a cap with some tidbits as bait and let him wear it. It should look something like this...

oh drawing sucks..but u get the idea. I'm sure he'll walk faster this way...

This is thus more of a photo entry with pics of Aidan taken this week, @koalababy Gywnne's place on Thursday for lunch where the li' bugger had so much fun with the toyhouse and @flipover Trish's abode on Monday night for dinner..

@Gwynne's place on Thursday
You can tell from these pics how much Aidan loves being in the playhouse :)

@Dinner with Trish on Mon night
pics mainly of Aidan and Trish's Eliot :)

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