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Ze Amazing End..Not!


Just watched the finale of The Amazing Race..Yeah, received SMSes and saw several spoilers on who the winners were earlier in the day..Got awoken by those SMSes actually..*yawn*..

Well *shrug*..those forum spoilers were right again!! Ol' screechy/whiny one won half a million buckaroo..I think everyone fell in love with Zach in this final ep [yeah..wundertwinz outta sight, outta mind]. I mean, he was sooooooo damn positive throughout the entire race and basically, he won the US$1m singlehandedly. Flo was like an extra haversack [a noisy one !] though unfortunately, he couldn't just dump her aside.

Wasn't the end part of the show well-shot? You just can't help but smile [yeah, even if Flo was one of the winner ]when the different teams finished the race with the rest of the racers cheering them on & Phil congratulating them. A little teary feeling too coz it was an indication that it's the end of the show..

*Sigh*..Now...what else to look really foward to on TV? Well, at least TAR4 is coming back in Feb next year so that's something to look forward to..

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