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squeak squeak~~

I like this pic even though it's so blurrish :)
Can u tell that Aidan is smiling at his daddy?

Yeah..ze beloved camera hasn't passed on yet . It gets cranky at times but once in a while, it works fine. Will probably wait till she dies on me completely before buying a new one.

Today, Aidan got his first pair of squeaky shoes! Yeah, I know I told myself before [I had children] that no child of mine will never own a pair of squeakies [soooo noisy and irritating!!!!] but but..he tried them on at Kiddy Palace and was absolutely delighted with the noise coming from the soles...Could tell that he lurved them . Just seeing him stomping his feet happily and his face lighting up was enough incentive for me to get him those shoes and I'll just gotta endure all that squeaking sound for a while~[I probably won't let him wear it out that much~]

This evening, we took him down to the playground together with Chloe [one of his numerous gfs] who came visiting with his parents..Chloe was wearing a pair of squeakies too. So both of them happily ran and squeaked about in the playground making a heck of a noise but was fun watching them enjoy themselves. We're such indulgent parents eh :)

@Macdonalds with Ryan this afternoon

Here's a videoclip of Aidan walking with his squeakies :)
Squeak Squeak :)

Aidan has also discovered on his own how to get onto his bike. He used to have to rely on us to plonk him on it...but just yesterday, I realised he was able to do it himself. I guess all that walking has strengthened his legs. :)
Getting on the bike </a>
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