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@the beach :)

Aidan had a first today! It was his first time at the beach. Yes, we'd gone to ECP several times but so far, we'd never brought him up close to the sand/sea.

He was uncomfortable with the sand initially. When we laid him down to sit, his face started to scrunch up, clearly showing his discomfort and he was threatening to bawl till we rescued him. Even when I attempted to let him walk on the sand, he was just as uneasy and was standing on the soles of his feet, refusing to let his feet lie flat down and not wanting to walk at all... and after a while, he demanded to be carried. So there he was initially, clinging onto me for dear life and looking at all the other kids having a ball of a time. Even June said it was the first time she saw Aidan so 'attached' to me physically especially since he's usually an independent li' bugger. Upon listening to the advice of some of the other [more lao-jiao] parents, we laid a plastic bag down on the sand and placed him on top of it so that he won't have any contact with the sand. And it worked!! Fed him some treats so that he will be comfy sitting there and soon enough, he began to be more adventurous and started playing with the sand. Yeah~~ He even started eating the sand *sigh*..Thought the taste of it would be a deterrent but nooooo..he actually ate 2 batchful of sand..yecks!

Thanks to Peter & Wendy for organising this beach get-together. The skies were certainly kind to us and had actually cleared up for abt 2 hours (it was drizzling a li' before we got there) for the kids to have fun. When it was about time for the kids to get out of the sand/sea , the rain came down again and we all headed towards the shelter..

Can't wait to bring Aidan back to the beach again :)

Uncomfy looking Aidan on the sand and beach...

the novel experience of walking on wet sand...

Kids at play..

This cool top-down view of the kids playing was taken by Peter..
U can c see Aidan sitting on the plastic bag :)

Check out his blog for more more baby pics..
The rest of the pics here
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