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abt my boy...as usual :P

Yeah..haven't been updating my journal that dilligently compared to last year. Part of the reason is that Aidan has been taking up more of my time now especially since he's much more mobile and hyper and his nap time in the day has lessened a lot. Previously, he used to be able to sleep at least two 2 to 3 hourly naps a day...but now, I'll be happy if he's able to sleep for more than an hour at a go. Sometimes, he'll go two days with just one nap in the day and by day 3, he'll be so tired that he'll nap longer hours. Heh but I can't put the blame on him entirely...I admit..I'm getting kinda lazy too..

And yes..his mobility ! So far, he has managed to break 3 cups already *sigh*. Time to go Ikea to restock. Maybe I should just get unbreakable cups :P..My problem is that I always underestimate him and assume that he isn't able to reach certain items which I'd placed on tables/shelves. But Aidan who's ever so relentless whenever he spots anything that looks interesting would somehow manage to get his hands on them. Pretty soon, I have to place everything abt my eye level to be deemed safe from him.

He's been starting to throw minor tantrums whenever he doesn't get his way. Fortunately, they don't last very long. Previously, I could rely on his short-term memory by quickly tempting him with something else but it seems that this doesn't work that well anymore. Sometimes, I really wonder what I should do at times like this. It can be quite trying and I'll try my best not to lose my temper too. Usually, I'll 'explain to him nicely and will just let him 'wail' if he doesn't accept it and he'll stop after a while when he realise he isn't gonna get his way. I really hope that this is just a phase but I do fear that it may only get worse..especially when he gets older and undergoes this self-discovery/identify phase. Fortunately, he hasn't thrown any tantrums when we'll out *cross fingers*..Hmm, hope I'm not gonna jinx it by writing that. And remember, whenever u guys see a kid throwing tantrums and misbehaving outdoors, don't be too fast to blame the parents immediately! You'll understand when u have kids of your own.

I am thinking of signing him up at Julia Gabriel's PlayClub Nest Class. This is not because I'm a kiasu parent and I want Aidan to start learning and 'attending classes' at an early age. I think he's someone who thrives on activity [heh, just like his mom] and at times, I can tell that he's bored with the toys & VCDs at home. I've been attending this 'parenting discussion group' at JG at Evan's Road for the last 2 weeks and I find the environment is pretty good for kids. Aidan enjoys himself when he's there too. Will most likely sign him up for the next semester which starts in a few weeks time.

Here's some pics of the li' ones taken at one of the classrooms at Julia Gabriel...
Aidan loves the toys there and had fun playing with them :)

Thought I've posted the last of the beach pictures but I couldn't resist showing this one off..
I thought it looks so cute...with the 2 boys sitting on the sandbank 'chatting' with each other..

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Mar. 3rd, 2004 08:47 pm (UTC)
yeah like what i said to u yesterday..at least George seems really genuinely happy to be there..but he was acting so..erm childish?

I thought Marque was good in his audition round...i thought he jus picked the wrong song though.yeah, its between him and George and I agree..the dawg will prob choose the latter.

I think Katie & Elizabeth will cancel each other out hehe..

U think the judges will try to have more males in the top 12? So far, it's only John Stevens and Matt Rogers right? So boring. I want Matt so that i'll have some eye candy at least.

Hmm..the 4.lemme guess...Suzy, Elizabeth erm erm..lemme think abt it more heh..Eric and...Tiara!
Mar. 3rd, 2004 11:06 pm (UTC)
Eh, we're pretty good at picking out the winners hor? Not bad. I think the only one I didn't get 100% right is probably Group 2 - got the top 3 but thought Lisa would have made it.

Yeah only 2 guys - so I believe they'll let in 3 from WC, and I think it'll be George, Marque & Matt. Just realised that last season they had Ruben, Rickey, Corey and Charles. No reason why both George and Marque won't make it. Matt for eye-candy, because JPL and Eric are just WRONG. As for the final girl... Hmmm... not sure. I think Lisa, but I bet it'll be a judge's pick and it'll be Leah .... *scream*

Audience goes for Matt, Randy-George, Paula-Marque, and Simon will pull a repeat of his Carmen selection and give us LEAH. ARGH.

Couch-warmers: Tiara, Elizabeth, Eric, final one should be Leah, but will perhaps be Lisa.