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makeup woes...

This morning, Aidan woke up much much earlier than me, climbed down the bed without disturbing me and somehow managed to get hold of my makeup pouch that was on the dressing table...

Almost screamed when I saw what he did to himself!! .And it wasn't just his face that kena-ed.....poor piggy was in a worse shape than him..Had to throw them both back into the wash again~!

Thank gawd it ain't mascara!!

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Mar. 4th, 2004 07:00 pm (UTC)
Laughing my head off......so hilarious.
I'm sorry...but now you look back dun u think he looks funny.

My make-up are always kept at my bathroom counter..maybe you wld like to change position :)

<<<<>>>>>>> hate to frighten u, but more surprises to come ;P
Mar. 4th, 2004 08:25 pm (UTC)
yeah..after washing him up and uploading the photos..i realised how hilarious he looked and started laughing then. But boy was I furious initially but I didn't scold him lah. Wasn't his fault anyway coz i was so careless to leave my makeup pouch withim his reach.

Actually, my makeup stuff is usually in the bathroom..just that when I go out, i transfer some of them into the pounch and I havent taken those items out yet...I'm just thankful it aint mascara!

Yeah yeah..am expecting more surprises to come..
Mar. 4th, 2004 09:46 pm (UTC)
and thankful that makeup are quite edible :-))
expect the surprises and have more good laugh.