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yeah..more eating pics!!.

Havent' been to IMM in a long while. Was there with the in-laws today becuz they wanted to get quotations from some contractors to do some reno works in one of their apartments which rental lease was expiring soon. Anyone who has kangtow for good and reliable contractors or designers, please let me know.

Anyway, Aidan had a great time there...and this was the reason why...

They rent this li' cars @3 bucks an hour...not too bad considering that if I'd purchased one, the furthest Aidan would be able to ride in it is along the narrow, short corridor in my apartment..definitely not worth it the price tag of $80. Not surprisingly, he loved the li' vehicle !!! His chubby face brightened up when he saw it and couldn't wait to get in.. And they made this car into a 'push-trolley' so that we could push him about IMM and at the same time, put our shopping bags into the basket attached behind. How clever :) And as we pushed the li' car around, Aidan would steer the wheel, fiddle with the carkey, and waved to people as he passed by them, not unlike a beauty queen & thus eliciting several "Oh so adorable/cute!" responses!

Great thing abt IMM is that it's quite kids friendly now with a playground in the mall itself...not surprising of coz since they cater to the families. I can't remember whether it was like that before though coz before, I never had kids so I didn't notice then. However, it's too darn far away from my pace so it will probably be a long while before I go there again.

*note : No kids were harmed at all~ :P..
His mom was laughing along with me and asking me to take more pics of them...

And ok case u pple have lewd thoughts, the boy's pacifier dropped and Aidan was reaching out for it! REALLY!!</div>
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