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Doesn't he looks like a li' worm here..

Feeling sick..Actually, I am sick! Aidan had tampered with the aircon remote the night before and I didn't realised it till the morning after [which was yesterday morning], I woke up shivering ..checked out the temperature on the remote and found that it was 18 freaking degrees! Was feeling chilly and my muscles was aching like crazy the entire day. And then, I started having really bad cramps, nausea and had loose stools *yecks* .What made it worse was that I'd actually restarted on my [south beach] diet abt 3 days ago and no carbo diet made me feel weaker.. Wondering what the heck was wrong with me and I discovered the [real] reason why at like 2am in the morning, when I was hit with another bout of bad cramps. tide! Of all the times to get it, it must come when I was feeling so icky already. Guess I should not diet for a while. Bleah..Oh well, since the last time i had it was last November, it was due about now anyway. And maybe it will finally become regulated so that I can finally get my Lasik done!!!

Guess the weekend's gone. Was planning to go movie or bring Aidan to the beach..*sigh*. Just gotta hope that Aidan doesn't catch whatever bug I have..

Hee...had to take pics of him in this black hooded top which I bought from Daiso!
It's so cheap!! Only 2 bucks!


Remarks like this always gets my goat. Come on...most of us were probably a whiny/playful kid before.. It's all part of being a child. Kids whine, they throw tantrums, they enjoy large space and they run about gleefully , they destroy stuff and can be li' monsters most of the time! They are not as self aware as us adults. And look..try as u might to 'control' them, it's not just a matter of firm discipline! You can cane them, you can threaten to withhold affections/treats..and they will still be just as naughty.. Honestly, I rather my kid to be active and inquisitive than for him to be passive and dainty.

It's not that I'm condoning the actions of naughty kids or bochap parents. But it really pisses me loads when people see 'whiny' kids, they immediately assume that the parents are probably too busy or not bothered to discipline/teach them. I've been a kid once. I was really one of the worst child any parent can wish for (my sister can vouch for that). In fact, one of the reason why I was initially hesitant abt having a kid was the fear that my kid may turn out like me *crossing fingers still*. No matter how much I was punished or reprimanded, I was still that way. Why? Coz simply, it's my nature. I'd always believe strongly in nature over nurture. Yes, nurturing does help but a person's nature is inborn and that itself is tough to change. But nuturing will help in developing the more positive aspects of someone's nature...or something like that lah. Not very good with words. bleah.

The Mahjong Society Pledge
We, the members of mahjong society
Pledge ourselves on one mahjong table
Regardless of race, language or religion
To build a wonderful da shang yuan
Based on Ang Tiong, Bei bang, huat chai
So as to achieve zi mo, limit tai and collect
money for our future...

Heh..finally a pledge I believe in...Oi moxielassburbur, stephiechai, so mahjong when??!!!
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