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Damn..a fren of mine sent me this and now I'm having trouble with my Legolust..*awk*..It's not that I'm homophobic or anything. I've already thought that there's lotsa homo-erotism in LOTR and now with these pictures from this website, I'm hardly able to think straight [no pun intended!]..

On the subject of homophobia, I remembered a class which I took when I studying in Canada. It was a psychology class and the whole course was on Aids : It's Impact - Psychologically and Socially . One of the tutorials was spent talking about homosexuality and how the disease has impacted the gay community. Our little task of that day was to be paired up with someone of the same gender, hold hands tightly and walk to the canteen..which was a distance away. wasn't a 'mass' walking but just a couple at a time. I was paired with this a this Canadian coursemate and we were giggling away while sauntering hand-in-hand to the canteen. Just a few people [actually, mainly Asians] stared at us..When it was time to 'discuss' our little experiment, the male students [heterosexual ones] felt that they were more scrutinised and were extremely uncomfy ..There was this student from Malaysia, who was paired with a flamboyant gay student..who was very resistant to the 'experiment' as he was afraid that people would presume that he was gay too..Anyway, the TA [tutorial assistant] said that this class was to have us understand [in a very minute way] how gays tend to be viewed in society as a whole..and especially with Aids being associated with gays and the prejudices that they have to face as a result. He also outed himself during the class and asked us whether our perception of him has changed because of his admittance of his sexuality..Well, he was still the same ol' TA to me..In fact, we found out too that our female lecturer was also gay and she was responsible for bringing this course into our Psychology curriculum..

I enjoyed the course tremendously and it also opened my eyes alot, especially coming from a pretty sheltered country like Singapore. There was also this other time too where we had to go to the streets in downtown Vancouver to distribute clean needles to the drug users but that is another long story totally..

Anyway, I don't presume to understand the gay community just because of this course alone...I do have a few gay friends but I must admit I don't know them THAT well..I pub/bitch ard with them..and that's all. It's not that I don't want to get closer but we basically move around in different circles. Anyway..there is this website which I like to read... It contains gay issues from a Singapore POV and some of the articles are really interesting and thought-provoking.

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