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a i'm much better post :)

Mom sure likes to dress Aidan up in babyish clothings :)

Yesterday was 'let Angie convalesce day'. When Aidan woke up in the morning, hubby was the one who attended to him, made his milk and changed his diapers..Hubby then called my in-laws and told them I was in a 'debilitated' state and was probably too sore to go over for lunch. They then promptly came over and took Aidan away with them so that I could rest well at home without having to watch over a hyper toddler. They probably thought that hubby couldn't handle Aidan alone for the entire day either. MIL also brought a bottle of Evening Primrose Oil on hearing that this was one of the items I required to alleviate my discomfort.. Hubby also went to the pharmacy to look for a hot water bottle and Menstral Panadol [which was item 2 n 3] when I told him that the EPO wasn't an instant 'cure'..

Both the EPO and panadol didn't help much ..i guess i was probably just too sore already. But the hot water bottle sure felt good and eased the pain quite a bit! And so I lugged the hot water bottle around the whole day. Thanks to all for your kind advice. At least I know what to do the next time round *cross fingers it won't happen again though*

It was good to have some peaceful time at home but it did feel a little weird coz it was just too quiet. I was always expecting to hear the pitter patter of his li' feet or him calling out for me and asking for some 'mummum'..

Here's a tale about Aidan's piggy..

When the in-laws brought Aidan back in the evening, they told me that Aidan's pig was lost! They searched everywhere for it but they couldn't find it and they had no idea how it could have gone missing. It wasn't in the car and neither was it at their place. The only explanation was that Aidan could have thrown it out of the car window when dad had wound it down during the time he and dad were waiting for mom in the car while mom was doing some marketing.

Anyway, they just called me yesterday night and told me happily that they found the pig! They decided to go back to the carpark at Serangoon Central to check if it was there...and sure enough..there it was,lying on the floor next to where dad was parked this morning. Mom said it looked 'clean' and didn't seemed like it was run over. But she said that it was probably so unappealing looking that no one wanted it anyway hehe..So, the pig's been found and mom's gonna wash it before returning it to Aidan.


So I spent the day in bed curled up..watching this taiwanese series called The Rose...Okay..most of the impt female parts in this series are played by the members from the icky saccharine sweet girl group SHE and the lead is the tomboyish looking Ella..This should be reason enough for me NOT to watch this show but I can't resist watching serials which have been adapted from japanese manga and this was based on one of my fave manga series which I'd read when I was still in school. And boy did I not regret it. They didn't stray far from the storyline and the the male leads were so well-casted and extremely droolsome..very like the manga characters they portray! Didn't matter that both guys were at least a decade and a half younger than me *slurp* Heard that they were talent scouted for these two roles..One's Jerry Huang..he's 1.93m, really hunky and looks a li' caucasian-like..The other guy, Brian Zheng is abt 1.86m (where do they find these tall guys?!), has long hair and sharp features and looks like a cross between Nic Tse and Ekin Cheng [less beng tho] but with longer hair. moonberry..try to watch this if u have the chance!!

I always wonder why can't the 'talent scouters' at our local tv stations or Fly Entertainment do a better job at looking for talent. I mean..look at the people they've introduced so far..That supposedly 'jap-like' Shingo/Yukati from Light Years? Eeeew..there was one trailer where Evelyn was like saying "He's so cute! I was like..gawd. He's so ugly! Can't remember who are the others were but most were the cmi kind! I'm sure Singapore has much better looking and talented people around right?

And here's a video of the li' one 'making bubbles' in the bathtub (not that way u filthy minds!)

yeah..I'm feeling much better now as u can see from this long post :)
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